matcha muffins dairy free vegan

DAIRY-FREE, EGG-FREE, VEGAN, NUT-FREE. Serious matcha love. If you love anything with matcha like me, you need to try these muffins. It’s just pure matcha with it’s own unique taste and smell, unadultered by any other flavors. Often times, I’ll find recipes with chocolate chips or mangoes, but this matcha muffins recipe lets you appreciate matcha by itself. Time to get baking! I whipped this up in a matter of minutes!

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I opted to up the matcha powder to 1 Tablespoon because I’m familiar with the flavor and I like it to pack a punch. If matcha is new for you, I recommend sticking to the 2 teaspoons of matcha in the recipe. I’m often underwhelmed by packaged foods that claim to be matcha flavor. I also skipped the icing. I don’t like my muffins too sweet, otherwise I can’t taste the matcha!

matcha muffins dairy free vegan

Aren’t the mini green muffins so cute?! Each mini muffin is a scrumptious bite. I can’t even count how many I popped in my mouth that day!

I used my trusty Wilton 24 cup mini muffin pan and some mini cupcake liners.

The recipe for these delicious muffins comes from Alisa at GoDairyFree. Check out her recipe and all the other goodies she has on her dairy-free blog. It’s quite a treasure mine!

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Tasty morsels of matcha love are baked into these dairy free muffins.

Do you have a favorite matcha flavored food?


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