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nut free snacks

Ready for lots of Nut-free Snacks?

We feature our Nut Free Snack videos here on this page where we open up the packages and take a closer look at the goodies! Many of these are Top 8 free!

New videos will be added every week!

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VIDEO – Holiday Intro

We’ll give our product reviews and ratings of the items we feature with links to where you can buy them.

We’ll base sweet and savory snacks on a scale of 1-10. 1 being not good. 10 being excellent. 

Who’s ready for some snack opening?!

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  Disclaimer: Manufacturers may change their ingredients and processes at any time. Always read the label and contact the manufacturer before buying a product when deciding if a product is safe to eat. Check labels each time you buy, just in case the ingredients have changed.   

VIDEO – Nut Free Snacks #1

*NF=nut-free, PF=peanut-free, DF=dairy-free, SF=soy-free, GF=gluten-free, EF=egg-free

Product Rating Details Allergens
Enjoy Life – Crunchy Minis Vanilla Honey Graham 7/10 These sweet cookies are bite size and come in a handy snack pack. They didn’t really taste like a graham cracker, but were still good. (NF, PF, DF, SF, GF, EF)* Dedicated nut-free and gluten free facility.
Lucy’s – Gluten Free Snack ‘n Go Packs (Chocolate Chip Cookies) 1/10 These sweet cookies were dry and crumbly with not much taste. We didn’t like them at all. (NF, PF, DF, GF, EF)* Dedicated nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and gluten free facility.
Enjoy Life – Soft Baked Snickerdoodle cookies 9/10 Soft and chewy, we loved these tasty sweet cinnamony morsels! (NF, PF, DF, SF, GF, EF)* Dedicated nut-free and gluten free facility.
Nature’s Bakery – Blueberry Fig Bar 10/10 2 bars come in each package. Not overly sweet, it’s a perfect outer shell with blueberry fig filling. More flavors are available. (NF, PF, DF, SF, EF)* Dedicated oven lines that do not manufacture any products that contain eggs, soy, sesame, milk, peanuts & tree-nuts.

*NF=nut-free, PF=peanut-free, DF=dairy-free, SF=soy-free, GF=gluten-free, EF=egg-free

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